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Our Kotakuan brother in Japan, Brian, tipped us off to the rumor that Nissan might just be bringing its luxury brand across the ocean-size playground we in San Pedro like to refer to as "Tha Pacific." Bri says that while new-car shopping in Nippon, his Nissan salesman intimated that they'd have Infinitis in stores as soon as next year. Bear in mind, that we've encountered more than a few car salesmen who don't know their asses from a throttle-body, and we've got no more info to back this up.

But, it does raise a couple of interesting points it lends an interesting angle to the branding decision for the next Skyline GT-R, as well as floating the possibility that Renault has ditched plans for buying a luxury marque (Jaguar was an oft-rumored target) and has decided to build the Infiniti brand by launching it on Nissan's home turf. With Lexus doing the same, it makes sense that Nissan would want to build JDM cachet after finally getting things right in the USA with the G and M cars. Now if they could build an FX that was more reliable and a Q that people actually wanted, they might finally get out of the "More Commercials About Plants and Trees" (kisses to the first commenter who gets that obscure punk ref), hole they've been in since the brand's launch.

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