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Mustang mod shop, Mustang Racing (MRT), builders of SEMA bait such as the SurfChaser, the Mach 1 racer and the 429 Cobra Jet Puf Marshmallow Man (my apologies), have introduced a new V6-powered ragtop tuner. The MRT Cherry 6T6 boasts intercooled twin turbos; adjustable sport suspension, brakes and shocks; and more audio and video kit than a month's worth of Tivoed "Cribs" episodes. On the outside, there's a custom black cherry paint job and custom grille treatment, aftermarket hood with dual hood scoops and 20" Foose-designed wheels over fat Pzeros. Is this a sign the V6 Mustang is finally getting some respect, or is the lack of a GT badge always going to be a credibility liability? What say you?

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