Sad, Stolen, Stripped Viper Found 300 Miles From Home

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What kind of monster steals a Dodge Viper, strips it of most of its body parts, and then dumps it in a snowy parking lot 300 miles from home? People suck.

Advertisement reports that police in Clinton, New Jersey found a 2001 Viper stolen from New Hampshire in an apartment complex parking lot recently, seven months after it was taken.

Residents at the complex notified police about a suspicious car under a cover in the lot, and when they arrived, they found the yellow Viper stripped of its bumper, hood and other body panels. Fortunately, its howling V10 engine remains intact.


Police aren't sure who took the Viper or who stripped it. The car has since been impounded for evidence. Let's hope it makes its way home soon.

Photo courtesy Town of Clinton Police

Hat tip to Flyingstitch!

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Who steals a Viper for body panels???? Are the body panels highly sought after? Did they leave it with intentions to come back and part it out further?