Major roads get shut for crime scene investigations every so often. But a major thoroughfare in Britain was shut Thursday morning so that police could search for a man's penis. That doesn't doesn't happen every day.

The Daily Mail reported that a dual carriageway was shut Thursday morning following a report of a man found on the side of the A66 in Middlesbrough. Police found the man with severe injuries to the groin, and indicated his penis had been cut off. That sent them searching along the road and in the grass area.

A security guard for a nearby grocery store reportedly discovered the man.

Investigators believed the 40-year-old man had his gentials severed by "gypsy men," who thought the victim slept with one of their girlfriends, according to the Daily Mail.

The victim was sent to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Police arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the incident.


Regular circulation, meanwhile, was restored to this major artery after several hours.

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