Say Goodbye To The Cars And Car Companies We Lost Last Year

The FJ Cruiser is dead? I didn't realize, but I should have known. I would have held a proper ceremony. Damn it Toyota! Damn it to hell!


This video from Kelly Blue Book is actually rather enlightening. It shows what cars and car companies met their unfortunate demise in the last 12 months, and while we knew about most of them, there are still some surprises on there.

Like the FJ Cruiser. What did it do to you Toyota? WHAT DID IT DO?



I has a sad about the FJ cruiser as well...not for the vehicle as it was, but the potential it represented. If you are interested in knowing why its dead, two reasons:

1. built on the land cruiser prado 150 chassis in Tahara plant, Toyota city Japan...costly to make given exchange rates and import tariffs.

2. Retro styling kills cars. If you have a retro design, you MUST refresh it with regularity or people will quickly loose interest.

The FJ could have been a wrangler like success if they had invested in the vehicle by playing down the retro and building up the practicality while expanding the line to multiple versions based more closely on the 4runner for cost sharing. Instead Toyota said "meh" and let it die on the vine and I will never forget it.