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Okay, far be it from us to be anti-woman. We like chicky things. We listen to wussy-in-touch-with-our feelings punk from the mid-'80s/mid '90s. We like to go shopping with our female friends and play Queer-Eyed Straight Guy fashion-consultant. We're thoroughly of that Gen-X conflicted-boy mindset. But this article just really got our goat somehow. Typical quote from Ford's Anne Stevens: "Your vehicle should bring emotions of pleasure. You should expect fun from your vehicle experience. You should have feelings of security; feelings of confidence. You should have feelings that this is me." Okay, Anne, so why are the only cars you've built that seem to appeal to this demo are the V6 Mustang and the Explorer? And how does Dave feel about this? Just askin'.

A woman's style, personality are now expressed in cars [The Detroit News]

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