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There's a debate going on down in Florida right now over whether county officials have the right to impound probable johns' cars when there's evidence that they've been cruising for some pay-to-play, as the crime's merely a misdemeanor. The alleged offenders must pay a five-hundred-dollar fee to recover their vehicles on top of any other fines. County officials claim that this is to pay for processing and police overtime.

Let us just make this clear when our truck was stolen, we would've gladly paid for some fucking police overtime instead of having it sit for a week in Oakland, CA, collecting parking tickets before somebody noticed the vehicle was evidence of grand theft. Note that Oakland also has vehicle-confiscation rules on the book. This thing in Florida is obviously a revenue-generating fine. And when Florida state officials are saying that it doesn't "pass the smell test," it's gotta smell pretty damn fishy.

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