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Sweet Peet D. is predicting doom and gloom on on a grand scale for the auto publishing industry as we know it. Why? Because feebs like ourselves are taking away their newsy lifeblood via our patented Just-In-Time delivery system, while the corporate bechweemuths that control them are pressing for more and more profits, leading to cut salaries and writer attrition on a grand scale. Indeed, more and more good journalists seem to be bailing on the traditional game.

Almost every car magazine we can think of is less fun than it was five years ago. We primarily pick 'em up in the hopes that they'll do something one can only do with a magazine. But lets face it, the internet, and more specifically, the blogosphere now p wns the front section of most buff books. They need to use their access and their revenues to do the things that we simply can't do, and stop trying to compete with us where we're strongest.


We don't believe the mags will die, but we'd hate to see them carry on via life-support, too. Ditch the polo shirts, bring in some real writers and bring back what was fun about car magazines in the first place.

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