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Bernie Ecclestone Backs Putin On Gays, Is Asshole, Surprises No One

Illustration for article titled Bernie Ecclestone Backs Putin On Gays, Is Asshole, Surprises No One

Oh, Bernie Eccelstone. That zombie-Warhol-looking bastard. What'd the F1 Supremo do now? Oh, he said he "completely agrees" with Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutal anti-gay rights stance. As Putin's policies on his own gay population has led to widespread oppression and violence, this makes Bernie an asshole.


Here's the full quote, from a CNN interview:

"I completely agree with those sentiments and if you took a world census you'd find 90% of the world agree with it as well."


I think you could also take a "world census" and find that 90% of the world thinks Bernie Ecclestone is a wrinkly cartoonish dipshit, too. You can feel however you want about gay people, and you can talk about it to the press until you're a lovely shade of indigo. But Putin's policies have gone so far into genuine human rights violations that if you support them, it's safe to say you're an asshole.

Not that Bernie needs much assistance in the asshole-being department. Remember, this is also the man that once called women "domestic appliances" and praised Hitler's get-things-done abilities, so this isn't really a shock to anyone. Shocking would be him taking a stand for something that wasn't hateful and horrible. Though I think if that had happened, his head would have exploded and the tiny poop demons that make his stunted, troll-like body appear to move and eat would have scattered everywhere.

So, Bernie, on behalf of all non-awful sentient life, fuck off.

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