The latest special edition of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage reminded me that this beautiful machine has been in production for almost a decade now. That means many have been crashed with a few even catching fire. This is one of those examples.

Oxidation is the biggest enemy of most vehicles in the long run, but while galvanization and the extended usage of aluminum or composites can pretty much take care the rust issue, rapid oxidation is a very different story.


Sports cars have a lot of fuel onboard while their engines produce more heat than a pint of Tabasco. Push them too hard, crash and tear the fuel line or discover a hidden engineering problem at speed and what you end up with is a big fireball.

If you happen to have something nice with limited storage space, sacrifice some legroom on the passenger side and install a giant fire extinguisher.

This is the supermodel type of added weight: Highly recommended.

Photo credit: Sebastian Dooris