Congratulations, Tesla. You've arrived. One of your cars has now been done up by insane Swiss tuner Rinspeed, whose previous efforts include a submarine Lotus Elise. And their tweaked Model S does not disappoint.

This is the Rinspeed XchangE. Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in a few weeks, it's designed to take autonomous driving to its natural conclusion with a car you can live in. Or at least, hang out in in extreme comfort for extended periods.

Green Car Reports says the XchangE has seats that can slide, tilt and swivel around to a variety of different configurations, and the steer-by-wire system allows the steering wheel to slide to the center of the dashboard McLaren F1-style. With that out of the way, driver and passenger can put stretch out more, put their feet up and access more screens.


Speaking of screens, the XchangE has four of 'em. The most notable is the nearly four-foot long one that runs along the dashboard, followed closely by the 32-inch monitor in the back.

No word yet if the XchangE has actual driverless tech on it, but it is designed to showcase a vision of what cars could look like if we aren't preoccupied with simply driving them like losers from the 20th century. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)


Anyway, kudos to Rinspeed for this concept. They have yet to let us down with their particular brand of crazy. Expect to see more when it comes to Geneva soon.