Trans Ams Are Good For Swingers

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Lisa Dalisa, aside from having a fun, rhyming name, seems to have two big loves in her life: her husband and Trans Ams. It seems both of those loves met in a shower of cutting torch sparks last Christmas, and the result was what may be the only back-half-of-a Trans-Am swing in the free world.

Based on the little video clip, the couple not only seems to have a stable of Trans Ams, but they've named them as well. "Shelia" must be a similar black Trans Am that does not deserve to be swing-ified, but "Blackie," the crappy one, was, and became the donor car for the swing.

The swing was home built in her husband's shop, and includes a stereo and switches to turn on the interior dome light, and the hazard lights. Plus, it's the only bench swing I'm aware of that sports a full trunk.


That's pretty fun, and not a bad use for half a car. I bet that thing weighs between 700-1000 lbs, so I bet the momentum can really get it moving, too.

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themanwithsauce - has as many vehicles as job titles

People already bitching about the title. Have you considered that maybe the title...SWINGS both ways?