During the Super Bowl, Volkswagen attempted to convince America that their cars no longer need to be dumped the second they go off warranty by showing all the German engineers who get their wings when those cars hit 100,000 miles. So, uh, where are the ladies?

Yes, Volkswagen experienced a minor backlash on the Internet after the ad last night because none of the winged, rainbow-pooping engineers in the ad are women. Mind you, there are a few women in the ad, but none of them seem to sprout wings. One of them even gets groped in an elevator. You sure you're in 2014, Volkswagen?

Here's what one leading female engineer told the Chicago Sun-Times:

"I was anticipating that I would really like [the ad], but I was just disappointed," said Stacey DelVecchio, president of the Society of Women Engineers, an international group headquartered in Chicago. "They could have promoted more diversity."

DelVecchio wasn't the only one who was disappointed.

Well, now we know: Of all the hands that go into building a Volkswagen, none of them lack a Y chromosome.