Listen: What happens if the world gets taken over by vicious dinosaurs that want nothing more than to eat you and your kids for breakfast? How prepared are you for that outcome? If you jump on this great vehicular prop from Jurassic Park, you might just be in better shape.

Up for grabs on eBay is this Fleetwood Southwind Storms RV that was converted to a mobile laboratory for the 1997 sequel to Jurassic Park called The Lost World, which I don't think I ever saw. It's being sold by the same folks who are offering up a raptor cage from the first film. I think the two would go great together.

The eBay ad says the RV served as a lab-on-wheels for the protagonists until until it was shoved over a cliff and destroyed by two Tyrannosaurus Rexes because that's just the kind of shit that goes down when you visit Jurassic Park.


As of this writing the RV is going for $10,500 with no reserve or buy it now option listed. Sadly, it's not drivable, and has significant wear and deterioration. But hey, the tires stashed inside appear to be in good shape! So there's that.

With some TLC this could make for a great piece of movie history that also fulfills most of your dinosaur-fighting needs. Wins all around, basically.

Hat tip to Dominic!