Special editions of cars can be fun, and they're not a bad way to relatively cheaply target a car at a very specific market. Which I imagine is what Fiat had in mind when they teamed up with perfumer Guerlain to build the La Petit Robe Noire edition Fiat 500. Of course, this one is likely targeted at men in rural areas.

I kid, of course. As the name suggests, this Little Black Dress edition 500 is targeted at wealthy French women who like to buy their makeup, perfume, and body milk (I need to ask my wife what that stuff is, because it sounds kinda gross) in 101 HP, self-propelled, leather-upholstered carrying cases. There's also stickers of fashion-girl silhouettes (like a more fashionable Mud Flap Girl) on the car so everyone knows this in not just any Fiat 500.


I admit, these luxury tie-ins kind of baffle me. Do these sell cars, even for the limited runs (250 of these)? Who approaches who? Did the perfume people decide they needed a car to really expand the brand, or the other way around?

I'm confused, but Fiat seems to love doing these things with fancy brands, so I just want to help out. So here's three suggestions:

Rougié Foie Gras Edition 500: Based on the Turbo 500 (because Geese are fast), this edition combines the refinement of high-end goose liver paté with motoring excitement. The interior is all goose leather, with real goose beak inlays in the dash panel inserts, and goose down headrests on the seats, front and rear. A special HVAC filter, saturated in essence of real foie gras, is included as well, to give the car that new foie gras smell.


There's also an included 20 lb case of Flash Frozen Goose Foie Gras, with or without veins (buyer's choice)! Also, indicator stalks are replaced with real plasticized goose feet, so you never forget about all the delicious goose liver you could be eating!

Vertu Edition 500: In keeping with Vertu's time-honored tradition of taking any crappy, outdated cell phone and slathering it with leather and precious metals until it submits to pure, unstoppable luxury, the Vertu 500 is based on the lowest-spec Pop model 500 with the two-cylinder TwinAir engine, but then the entire car is hand-covered in endangered otter leather.

Only the finest Swiss aviation-grade screws and fasteners are used to secure the 750 lbs of elegantly styled, titanium-and-gold-inlay LuxuryCladding™ to the exterior and interior of the car, transforming the performance of the vehicle to a far more stately, refined level of acceleration and fuel consumption that more accurately reflects the budgets of the preferred clientéle.

DaVinci Surgical System Edition 500: Sure, fancy perfumes and leather and gold and all that crap stuck on your Fiat is a handy way of letting people know you have cash to throw around, but sometimes you want to make a much bigger statement. Something that says that money is no object for you and your tastes are far beyond the common luxury frippery. You put your money into things that really mean something. Like the most advanced remote-surgery system money can buy.


The DaVinci Surgical System Edition 500 is based on the Abarth model, since you're important enough that speed is of the essence wherever you're heading, and includes a full DaVinci remote surgical system set of controls in the interior of the car. All other seats have been removed to accommodate the unit, and the driver's seat swivels into position.

Nothing says "you're arrived" like the ability to pull over and perform complex surgeries, no matter where you are!