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Among devotees of the Nissan Skyline — that storied, right-drive runner we Yanks have only been privy to on the gray market — stories of such beasts stroked to 1,000hp are as common as edamame. This one, a particularly potent road racer, however, gets its gumption not from a Nissan V6 I6, but from a Brabus-tuned Mercedes aluminum V12 upcranked to 6.7 liters, with four (count 'em) turbos. All that hardware is hooked to a OS Giken 6 speed sequential. Close Skyline watchers may note this specimen surfaced in 2004, but if you haven't seen it, it's new to you. Click through for specs. [Thanks to Marc for the tip.]

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Configuration : V12 cylinders
Capacity : 6715 cc (89 x 90 mm)
Valve actuation : 4 over head camshafts, 48 valves
Forced induction : 4 turbochargers
Max. power : 1000 horsepower
Max. torque : Over 100 kgm
Clutch : Multiplate
Gearbox : 6 speed sequential


Chassis : Multipoint rollcage welded to the shell
Suspensions : Double whishbones, KW adjustable shocks
Brakes : 381 mm discs (front) 355 mm (rear)
Wheels : 13 x 18 magnesium
Tires : 345/35-18
Length : 4650 mm
Width : 1910 mm
Height : 1215 mm
Weight : 1000 Kg

0 to 60 mph : 3 seconds
Quarter mile : 9 seconds
Top speed : 220 mph (+/- 354 km/u)

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