Here's Adrian Newey's latest work of automotive art which, if history repeats itself, will yet again dominate the F1 calendar. The RB10 looks especially promising since it's pretty, and the good looking cars are usually the fast ones, too.

While you decide whether you like this or the Mercedes W05 better, let's recap the basics.

Red Bull has been pretty much unbeatable for the last three seasons. For this year, Ricciardo replaces Webber as Vettel's teammate, but the technology brought in by the new regulations is unknown territory for everyone.


So while Renault seems to know how to build an engine, Vettel still might just be looking at his most challenging year so far. Excellent news indeed.

In the meantime, analyze the nose of Newey's latest creation. Who knows, he might have just built a winning car again...

Photo credit: AP Images