Can The 2015 Subaru WRX Take Down The Mighty Ford Focus ST?

Since its 2012 debut, the Ford Focus ST has been the darling of the hot hatch world. It looks cool, it handles better than any front-driver has a right to, and it has power and torque out the wazoo. But can it handle the all-new WRX?

As Jonny Lieberman notes in this Motor Trend test, the WRX has always been a giant killer thanks to its mighty turbo boxer engine and potent all-wheel drive. Both have been completely revised to make the 2015 WRX, and while it's not much in the looks department, it may just be the best one yet.


It's not an apples to oranges test because of the drivetrain differences and the fact that the new WRX is sedan-only, but these two cars certainly compete for buyers. In the end, the WRX emerges as the winner, as Lieberman declares it to be more confident, more controlled, and most importantly, more fun to drive.

I'm sure people will be debating this conclusion for years to come, but you truly can't go wrong with either car.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Starting around where these two are priced.

Coulda had a V8 Liberman, coulda had a V8.