The Eesti Sports was introduced at the Las Vegas specialty car show in 1984 and as you can see, it's just as coketastic as the rest of the eighties was, despite being just a kit car based on the Chevrolet Citation. Yes, it's indeed a sporty Citation.

Sold by the Eesti Motorcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Poway California, the kit cost from $3525 to $9575 depending on how much plastic you wanted. The fuselage itself was an integral body/chassis system of high density polylurethane foam and fiberglass, and according to the company, it was just like carbon fiber:

This modified monocoque construction produces an easy to build, extremely stiff and efficient, light weight structure. No additional chassis is required.

The rest of it wasn't that advanced since the drive train and essentially all the mechanical and electrical components jammed into it came from the Citation.

Top speed? Infinity plus one, if you were wearing shorts.

Source and image credit: Alden Jewell