Audi will be showing another commercial during the Super Bowl this year. Unlike in previous years, this one is unlikely to have anything to do with Kenny G or repressed prom memories. This is the year of the Doberhuahua.

I know, it sounds like a new Pagani. But based on two of their teasers, Audi is going the dog route this year – except it's not pretty.


First they had this teaser at a dog show. We knew this animal would be horrifying because of the looks on everyone's face.

Now they've gone and showed us the dog, which renowned dog adoption encourager Sarah McLachlan thinks is just misunderstood.

New question: Why does its head fit through the dog door, but not the rest of its body?


Evidently, Audi must be comparing one of their cars to a mutant-looking dog, which I think is a terrible way to sell the Q3 A3. We'll keep you posted.