You don't want to go to the cinema, you don't remember DVDs and there's cold beer in the fridge. What you need is a great car movie online, and guess what, here are the ten best.

10.) C'était un Rendez-vous

Available on Facebook and on Vimeo.

The car is a Mercedes instead of the Ferrari, and the whole thing is shorter than the time it takes to get the microwave popcorn ready, but who cares! It's fantastic, and you should see it. Again.

Suggested By: _Mécanicien

9.) Initial D

Available on Youtube.

Ok, so this 2005 movie is a Hong Kong spinoff of the Japanese anime. Some will be entertained, some hardcore fans will be offended. If you're a hardcore fan, great news! The anime is also on Youtube.

Suggested By: FS1819 and GR1M RACER

8.) Duel

Available on Youtube.

Steven Spielberg's first movie is a really good thriller and a must see for all the Plymouth Valiant and truck lovers out there!

Suggested By: leicester

7.) Dust To Glory

Available on Amazon and Netflix.

It's the best action packed Baja documentary out there. Get dirty!

Dusty Ventures:

Without it I would have never become involved with desert and rally racing. I saw this movie and immediately said "I need to do this." Bought a Ranger and began chasing the dream of being a desert racer. The six years and 2,000 dirt miles since then have without a doubt been the best years of my life, and now getting to spend 50 days a year on the road going to rallies all over the country is an opportunity I would have never imagined possible.

"X changed my life" is an overused cliche, but in the case of Dust To Glory it really is true.

Suggested By: Dusty Ventures

6.) The Hire

Available on Youtube.

The Hire is a series of short movies shot by famous directors for BMW, all starring Clive Owen. If you want them in HD, get the DVD. It's worth it.

As we've long said, these are absolutely fantastic and ahead of their time.

Suggested By: Dr_Watson

5.) Death Race 2000

Available on Amazon and Netflix.

Would you like to see crazy cars, David Carradine in a mask, boobs and Sylvester Stallone getting angry with a machine gun in his hand? The original Death Race awaits.

Suggested By: leicester

4.) Le Mans

Available on Youtube.

Steve McQueen used the best camera cars ever to shoot this movie. 200MPH from 1971!

Suggested By: Blondude

3.) Mad Max 2: Road Warrior

Available on Amazon.

It's less tarmac and more desert action in Mad Max 2, but Mel Gibson is equally pissed at baddies.

Suggested By: Diesel

2.) Senna

Available on Amazon and Netflix.

It's difficult to sum up all the things that made Ayrton Senna the greatest F1 driver of them all, but Asif Kapadia's movie does him and that period in motor sport justice.

Suggested By: SennaMP4

1.) Love The Beast

Available on Amazon and Netflix.

At the end of the day, it's about one man and his machine. A lifelong relationship full of speed and sacrifice. A great car story from down under.

Suggested By: DC1

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