Let's say you're a sophisticated fellow with a high net worth who just so happens to have a grudge against humanity and a stolen nuclear weapon aimed squarely at 10 Downing Street. What car are you supposed to drive?

If you fall into that narrow category, then Jaguar wants your money, and they're letting you know it by advertising during another big event that your vast criminal organization may or may not be targeting: the Super Bowl.


Jaaaaag is planning a big Super Bowl campaign for the XFR, XJR and sex-tastic F-Type R Coupe that they call, naturally, British Villains. It stars Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston and Sir Ben Kingsley.

It seems like a fun campaign, and there's no doubt that the cars are supremely badass. I don't care if one of these guys is about to blow up my city with a laser on the moon; if they drive an F-Type R Coupe, they're cool in my book.