It's that time of year again, for Super Bowl teaser commercials anyway. Volkswagen has captured both hearts and controversy in the last few years with its commercials. With their U.S. sales stagnant, they need to do it again. Is that why they called Carmen Electra?

VW released a teaser for its Super Bowl ad that will air on the February 2 game called Algorithm, and by that name, you'd assume German engineers are involved. And you'd be right. A bunch of Germans get a bunch of things they think Americans like, such as football, dogs, burgers and people who used to be on Baywatch to dance around a Passat from Tennessee.


It works like a Jetta with a hard plastic dash. Fortunately, the Germans know this and they go back to the drawing board.

Personally, I think Kia's going to be on a better track by getting Morpheus to sell the K900, but these are only teasers. Maybe the next thing the Germans put through their equations will be better.