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As we've mentioned before, one of the best things about drifting is watching supercharged, turbo'd and naturally aspirated fours, sixes, eights and sometimes tens duke it out against each other. But the tens will be no more, unless some very wealthy hoon decides to get out there in an M5. As we mentioned last fall, Samuel Hubinette is hanging up his Viper and strapping on a Charger SRT-8. Bumbeck checked out the car with us at the D1GP a month ago, and we both agreed that it looked to be a dummy prototype. But the real thing will hit the track at the first Formula D event of the season in Long Beach. And as Slayer's Tom Araya once said on a Headbanger's Ball New Year's promo: "There'll be no need for noisemakers...WE'LL BE THERE!!!!"

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