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Man, Brokeback Fever's sweepin' the nation like that Pac-Man strain did back in the early 1980s. And apparently it's driving the Detroit Free Press' Desiree Cooper crazy. So crazy, in fact that she believes Ford should become The Brokeback Car Company, "inclusive, daring and above all, top quality." Well, the F-150's had a Lariat model for years. They could team up with Ralph Lauren and do a "Chaps"-edition Mountaineer, they already offer a Leather interior on the Mustang, advertise "bi-fuel" availability on all of their E85 compatible vehicles, do a special denim-edition Cobra, and, of course, reintroduce the Probe, with a special easily-wiped-down interior. Listening, Bill? Bill? Guillermo? Willie Clay?

'Brokeback' film has key lesson for Ford [Detroit Free Press via DetroitWonk]

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