It sure was nice of Nissan to use their controversial dream-invasion technology to find out what cars we desire most and not just broadcast all our pervy nighttime fantasies, unlike some carmakers I could mention. Here's some nice car porny pictures of the results of that research, the IDx concepts we saw in Detroit.

There's two variants of the IDx, the Freestyle (an everyday sports car), and the Nismo IDx, which is more of a dedicated track toy. They both have more than their share of concept car details that will never make it to production barring a massive injection of alien technology, but hopefully the production vehicles to result will at least very strongly resemble these.

So, loosen pants and enjoy!

That's a good face.

I think that's an automatic shown there, but they can fix that.

Denim seats! Finally, someone learned the lessons from the Gremlin and Beetle.

I'm pretty sure the production mirrors won't be this cool.

Is that exhaust bifurcation off-center, or is it just me?

So much lovely Datsun in that profile.

I sure as hell hope they keep the two-tone as an option. I like it.

The car toughens up nicely.

This is one of the most abstracted pictures of a C-pillar I've ever seen.

Hood vents! Now they need a linear tach made of LEDs in one of them.

Hope you like red. One plus is if your passenger is eating spaghetti Bolognese and drinking red wine when you Scandi Flick, the stains won't be too noticeable.

Side exhausts!

Be careful to keep your neckties and long braids away from that exposed shift linkage.