Never fear, the 2015 Subaru WRX STI has an absurdly big wing on the back of it. It's nice, it's wonderful. But there's only one version that goes all the way with the WR Blue paint and beautiful gold wheels. And there are only going to be 1,000 of them so hurry your ass up?

When the 2015 Subaru WRX was outed at the LA Auto Show in November, there was a palpable feeling of "meh" at the stand. The WRX looks... like a car. The standard STI shown today in Detroit looks like a car. With a wing and a big scoop. The WRX STI Launch Edition, on the other hand, looks like a beautiful, special fantastic car that you want to have.

The Launch Edition gets the blue and the gold and the wing, so it's the complete package on the outside and some blue accents on the inside and a short-throw shifter, where it's the usual Subaru fare. As before, a WRX STI Limited will add niceties like leather upholstery and a power driver's seat to make sure you appreciate the added head and legroom over the outgoing model. Oh, and the power moonroof opens "one inch farther than on the previous model." You need that when going sideways fast, right?

Over the standard WRX, the 2015 STI does look wackier. But it's not exciting, especially not in the silver. A big wing can only do so much. It's a good thing there's 305 horsepower on tap, six-speed manual and that six-way center diff that's good, probably. Subaru insists this STI is more "modern" and "refined." It is, for a Subaru. This isn't a Golf R, after all.

That's fine, though. The STI Launch Edition brings back the wacky sorely lacking from the new Impreza and WRX. So what are you waiting for, then?


Oh, well you have to wait until April when it goes on sale. Subaru was tight-lipped on prices, but don't expect it to stray far from the $34,495 asking price of the 2014. But do mark your calendars.

Photos: Getty Images, Brian Williams