We're about to see the 2015 Subaru WRX STI next week at the Detroit Auto Show, and while there's plenty of good stuff to be excited about – boxer engines, lots of horses, a stick with which to shift β€” there's only one place our eyes will go first: DAT WING.

The big-ass wing on that big-ass ass has always been the defining trait of the STI. We all know that it adds thousands of horsepower, septuwaseptuples grip, and makes a handy snack tray when you're sitting on the trunk. But how has it evolved?

Well, instead of forcing you out to your local library with a pair of scissors to make your own crude magazine-photos and macaroni chart, we've taken the liberty of producing this handy chart for you that shows all the generations of the STI's gigantic wing.

You may want to print a wallet-sized one for easy on-the-go reference. Enjoy!


(Travis researched a lot of these pics, so thanks, I guess.)