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We re four days into the annual big dog Barrett-Jackson auction. Since Speed has dropped WRC coverage in favor of MORE Nascar, the B-J auction is the only redeeming programming for an entire network. We watched a GTX reproduction go for $118,800 last night. There was enough paintwork on the front end to suggest that the car had been hit more times than Joe Louis. The list of cars sold so far reflects a pretty serious desire on the part of rich guys in Overhaulin polo shirts and short shorts to buy muscle cars. We're assuming that all will be defiled with the now ubiquitous blingalicious Torq-Thrusts in some ungodly diameter:

Three '69 Camaros have sold north of $70k. The Z/28 Coupe commanded more than the SS 396, which in turn out-earned a Indy 500 Pace Car ragtop. Clearly, these buyers lack taste, as a Dodge Dart Factory Drag Car commanded a lowly $27,540.


Some other surprises included:
2005 Ford Excursion that sold for $85,320 Yeah it s a one-off Harley-Davidson model, undoubtedly for dentists to tow their chrome-dipped Road Kings.
1971 Chevrolet Corvette Ferrari Daytona Spider Replica $46,440 Crockett and Tubbs wouldn t be caught dead in this cheesewagen.
1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mark II Roadster $75,600 I LOVE Big Healeys. I could see half this price for a pristine 1960 Mark I, but for this money you re getting into factory works/rally cars with competition history and serious performance enhancements
There are some other great finds in the Showroom Pavilion list as well.

Here s a list of what s on sale today [Barrett-Jackson]

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