Ford Says Ford Will Be America's Best Selling Car Brand In 2013

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Toyota's army of beige has been a dominant force in Americam car sales for quite a while now. But Ford's slightly less beige lineup looks to be working: It should be America's best selling brand in 2013. According to Ford.

Ford expects to report sales of more than 2.4 million and held a stout lead of more than 300,000 cars on Toyota. Ford's gains on Toyota don't come through one particular hit model, but rather through a combination of strong models across the lineup.

The F-150 has sold around 700,000 examples this year which is far ahead of Toyota's pickup offerings. The Fusion sold about 100,000 fewer than the Camry, but, then again, that's a closer gap than there has been in years.


Total sales for Ford, including fleet, are up 12 percent, while Toyota says their year will end with retail sales in a slump.

It just shows that if you don't build beige sleeping pills, people will still buy your cars. Now if people would just start buying this many Mazdas.

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Who woulda thunk it - The company with the best lineup across the board sells the most. On top of that, they've also been quite aggressive with creating several new products that consumers didn't know they wanted, or redefining the standard to standout in a traditionally boring segment.

What other midsize looks as good as the Fusion, domestic or otherwise? Where is GM or Chrysler's answer to the Raptor or Fiesta / Focus ST?