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Last night everything broke. Or at least the transmission linkage did, so this Festiva's owner after years of festooning it with stickers is putting it up for sale on eBay. Right now, it's at $5.50, and we're betting that a first pressing of Wild Gift on vinyl would cost you more and it wouldn't come with legendary X guitarist and amp repairman Billy Zoom's John Hancock. We once saw Hef driving around Beverly Hills in a Festiva all incognito-like, and we heard Billy Gibbons has one, too. Or that might've been an Aspire. We forget. In any event, due to the trans issue, you'll have to pick it up. If you're in the City of Angels, the car's in Costa Mesa, which means you'll have to leave Los Angeles to get it. D'oh. [Thanks to Brian for the tip.]

1991 Ford: Festiva [eBay]

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