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Pardon our invocation of the modern language of the Frankish kings, but fuck. Reader Derek saw our Dolphin Lambo post and hipped us to a car painted by the same artist, which may be even more ridiculous. A '99 Viper RT/10 with flames and dolphins that the owner reportedly dropped 150k on. One, we know some of the best custom painters in the business, and none of them would charge 150k for a paint job. Two, they wouldn't do something this disgustingly, gut-wrenchingly awful. The sheer horrendousness of this thing astounds. Sometimes juxtapositions shed new light on man's condition. Other times, they're ridiculous reaches that simply cause head-scratching in the brightest of minds. This, we can safely say, is the latter. Excuse us while we cleanse ourselves by watching the sun rise over the Port of Los Angeles.

Metorite Viper

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