What's The Most Important Car Of 2013?

While 2013 didn't herald a widespread shift to two-stroke rear-engine cars like your Jalopnik staff hoped it would, it ended up being a significant year for cars. New tech was introduced, old performance barriers were shattered, and the American car companies brought out their strongest products in decades.

As we compile our annual "best and worst of 2013" lists, we'll put you guys in the driver's seat with a different approach: What was the most important new or significantly new car introduced in 2013? What car, that came out this year, will be remembered years later for making the biggest impact?


Personally, I nominate the Infiniti Q50. I know I dinged that car's driving dynamics when I put it on my "worst" list for 2013 — something plenty of people disagreed with, which is totally fair — but I think it's extremely significant because it's the first car to have an all-electronic steer-by-wire system.

Don't think for a second that it will be the last. I have a feeling that's a technology we'll be seeing much more of in the future.

Your turn. What was the Yeezus or Random Access Memories of cars this year?

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