There are some people who believe the thrills provided by the standard Mini Cooper S are not enough. And for those people, there is the Mini John Cooper Works. Now the JCW is back to hot up the 2014 Mini Cooper, and it's looking pretty good.

Mini is calling this the John Cooper Works Concept, but it's a concept in the same way that I might theoretically walk to a food truck today and fill my stomach with tacos. The concept boasts an attractive paint called Bright Highways Grey, the familiar red accents, 18-inch wheels, a new spoiler and a custom aero package.


Sadly, there's no word on power yet, but we can anticipate a souped-up version of the Cooper S's new all-BMW 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbo engine with well over 200 horsepower. The outgoing Mini JCW offered just 208 horsepower in a small package and no one ever called that car slow. It's gonna need that extra power, since the 2014 Cooper is quite a bit larger than its predecessor.

Anyway, the JCW looks like it's on the right track so far. Expect to see the rest of it at the Detroit Auto Show in January.