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The Mustang has defined the sporty car (but not sports car) segment in America ever since it debuted in 1964. But it hasn't been the only car in its class.


Many cars have tried to take the Mustang's pony car crown. Some were reasonably successful, like the Camaro. Others weren't, like the AMC Javelin.

The AMC Javelin was a handsome car, debuting in 1967 and running until 1974. It had the right looks, the right engines, and the right competition history in Trans-Am. What it didn't have was a strong company to back it up, and American Motors had neither enough money nor a youthful image to make the car a hit.


The Javelin might be my favorite car to compete against the Mustang in the pony car class. What's yours?

Photo Credit: AMC via OldCarAdvertising

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