The Subaru Legacy Concept looks fantastic. It's aggressive with an excellent use of LEDs, small mirrors, big wheels, and aggressive surfaces. Guess what won't make it to the production car?

Subaru's WRX Conceptfrom New York earlier this year was much like the Legacy Concept. Angular LED lights, huge wheels, aggressive angles, and a car that instantly became a dream machine for a lot of us on staff.

What we got is a WRX that appears to be a Impreza Sport Line. So what will the next Legacy be?


Look no further than the Levorg that Subaru showed yesterday in Tokyo. Now, that's not a bad thing. The Levorg is a very attractive wagon with great lines. I'm a fan.

But when you compare it to the Legacy Concept, all the elements that I love have been turned down from 11 to about 6. I know that is standard practice with concept cars, but stop getting my hopes up, Subaru.

Or just build that BRZ Shooting Brake. Then we'll be all good.