With rabbits, it's pretty simple: don't put a male and female together for too long unless they've had a little snip-snip from the vet. Miatas? Get one and others just appear. It's like they reproduce asexually, dividing like roundy little amoebas.

The local Tejas Miatas group decided to hold their statewide Heart of Texas Roundup at Harris Hill Raceway to do a track day and some Hill Country drives. Thus, I was surrounded with everyone's favorite teeny tiny little peanut cars.

Completely surrounded.

All sizes, generations and colors of these cars ended up at this meet, including several rare colors, engine-swapped frankencars, race cars and folks from as far away as Ontario.

The Miata is a car that appeals to all kinds of people—old, young and everyone in between.

Even my friend's mom is active in the Tejas Miatas club, and she joined that elite group of People Who Have Frightened the Track Management. Congrats!

All manner of modifications showed up as well—everything from uniquely shaped roll bars to more cosmetic mods like luggage racks and custom paint.

If it wasn't obvious that people love making these cars their own before, show up to a large gathering of Miatas and it'll be absolutely clear.

One yellow car in particular stood out as an amazingly clean build.

I'm used to being surrounded by these on track, but I think this is the most number of Miatas I've seen on one track at once.

Since no one wanted to sell me a manual '99 with a hardtop and a roll bar for tree-fiddy and a wad of purse lint, I led a few of the lead-follow laps in my friend's NB.

Need for hardtop: confirmed. Pleh pah pffft hair in my mouth yecch.

I'm clearly not a convertible person, but I can't help but like the Miata. I was never a fan of how they looked when they first came out, but the later versions grew on me. They're fun and easy to drive, and both the cars and the parts are readily available no matter where you live.


There's minimal space to stuff a Fluffy Bunny since there's no backseat, and I don't care. If I hadn't gotten the LeMons 944, I'd probably be looking for an NB to play with and a seat on someone else's team.

I guess this is why bringing a Miata to a track event is akin to bringing another dude to a sausagefest: it's the perfect inexpensive track toy.