Honda Will Build And Lease This Crazy Unicycle Thing

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We tend to think of Honda as an automaker, but they do so much more. Motorcycles, personal watercraft, generators, robots, and even planes all come from the Japanese company. And then there's this, a unicycle of some sort.


The Uni Cub β, which will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, is a personal mobility device, kind of like a Segway. But instead of being ungainly and large, you just sit on the Uni Cub β and it whisks you around like magic, somehow.

Honda says that the Uni Cub β is a development of the original Uni Cub, which was much the same, just a bit larger. Honda is actually going to build this Uni Cub and lease it to certain businesses and organizations around Japan. That will help them gain more real world experience and, who know, maybe we'll all be riding around on unicycles like this sometime soon.


More info in the press release.

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