A tight budget shouldn't mean you have to spend your time in something boring. There's a whole world out there when it comes to enthusiast cars in need of saving, and these ten models are well worth your attention.

10.) Volvo 240

We love classic Volvos, and it's easy to see why when you look at the 240. It's rear-wheel drive, comes with a manual and you can find wagons for the same money as the sedan. Matt Hardigree owned one.

If this isn't big enough for you, look for a 740 Turbo wagon instead.

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: youngthousands

9.) Subaru Justy

Don't worry about the people who have no idea how cool the Justy is. We know you know, that's all what matters. A tiny Japanese hatchback with a red button on the shifter saying 4WD?

Just press it and keep going!

Suggested By: b33g33, Photo Credit: dave_7

8.) Chevrolet Corvair

It might have been unsafe at any speed according to some back in its day, but the Corvair should really make a comeback. It's a great classic that's easy to work on, and your possibilities with it are endless.

Suggested By: 2 Wheels awesome!, Photo Credit: Hugo90

7.) AMC Eagle

Anybody can pick something from the Big Three. But since they killed Jack White's baby, be a man and pick the Eagle from AMC! Save a piece of history and have loads of high ground clearance fun.

Suggested By: CalzoneGolem, Photo Credit: dave_7

6.) Nissan Sentra SE-R

This great sleeper comes with a 2.0-liter DOHC and LSD. Acronyms we like a lot.

Suggested By: unhcampus, Photo Credit: dave_7

5.) Ford Crown Victoria

Fuel_of_Satan goes:

It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?

Yep, I want one.


Suggested By: BigNSlow, Photo Credit: zombieite

4.) Jeep Cherokee

Forget about the stickers. What you can get for your thousand bucks is a four-wheel drive SUV with a straigh-six and a five-speed manual. Heaven.

Suggested By: Party-vi, Photo Credit: Rob_sg

3.) Mk1 VW Rabbit

Good luck finding an unmolested two-door, but the first Rabbit is getting so cool that even I started thinking about getting one in case something goes wrong with the A112. Having said that, European Golfs are better looking.

Suggested By: mcseanerson, Photo Credit: MSVG

2.) Third-gen Camaro

Some will say "only murderers drive Camaros." Getting boring, isn't it? Listen to CHuber instead:

Thirdgen F-Body. They are plentiful and can be found in any state of repair, for almost any budget, from $300 project car to $20k+ pristine show car/track monster. Parts are plentiful and cheap, they are relatively easy to work on. They can be everything you want it to be from restrained daily driver, to weekend cruiser, to drag strip monster to, AutoX/Road Racing excellence to even a jaw dropping show car.

The community is unbelievably good.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: aresauburn™

1.) BMW E30

We can't all have M3s but the E30 can be plenty of fun even with the weakest engine thanks to its fantastic chassis. Finding one is getting more and more difficult, but don't give up, it's worth the trouble.

If you want a bigger challenge and more class, go for the E21. I know I would.

Suggested By: PTLmarketingltd, Photo Credit: CC-BY-CarImages

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