At first it was the F-Type Coupe, but now I see this, the Eagle Low Drag GT and I know, I've been fapping to the wrong Jag.

It's the same Eagle that builds the Speedster, a car that made Jeremy Clarkson fall into throes of ecstasy. This, you might think, is just a custom coupe version of that car, but you'd only be half right.


The Low Drag GT is actually a tribute to the utterly wonderful Low Drag Coupe that Jaguar built in 1962. And I do mean the. Jaguar made only one car with this perfectly proportioned lightweight body. A second car started life as a roadster and was converted to low-drag spec, but its rear end (seen here and described here) was totally different to the one original, silver beauty.

That original car got a revised aluminum block and aluminum body, shaving some 200 kilos off the car in total. It was reasonably successful against its competition of Cobras and GTOs but it had a few notable crashes. One was into a lake...

... and another was tragically fatal. Driver Peter Lindner crashed at Montlhery killing himself and three track marshals.


The Eagle Low Drag GT gives you all of the performance and looks of that old car, only minus the priceless one-off/tragic deadly history drawbacks.

Compared to the Eagle Speedster, the Low Drag GT gets a bigger fuel cell, more luggage space, more legroom, and more headroom. Perfect grand tourer. Oh, and those 16" steelies are actually made out of magnesium.

You can order the car with a a fuel-injected 4.7l aluminum straight six, an aluminum diff, and an aluminum five-speed manual. Adjustable shocks, air conditioning, electric power steering, AP Racing brakes, leather trim, alcantara headliner, and hidden GPS are also on the options list.

Pricing is unannounced, but given that the Speedster is something around $960,000 (rather £600,000 quotes Autocar), I would guess that this Low Drag GT will run you something between a shit ton and a metric fuckload.

(Big tip of the hat to SalmanorgUK!)

Photo Credits: Eagle, and I have no clue where I got that lake picture. If you know where it's from, let me know in Kinja below.