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Our obsession with the European Ford Focus, the missing link in the Mazda3/Volvo S40 chain of global C1-platform cars, is well documented if not entirely justified. As silly as it seems to us, Ford's got its reasons — whether fiscal or logistical — for not completing the trifecta for its US buyers. Until Ford comes to its senses, we're stuck coveting such cars as this tuner Focus, created by German performance house Wolf Concept. They're offering a two-stage engine kit that boosts horsepower of a top-of-the-mast five-cylinder Focus ST from 225 to 275 (for the price of $3250) and to 300 (for $4700) and torque to 266 and 285 lbs-ft, respectively. Lowered suspension, 19" wheels, interior appointments and aerodynamic add-ons are available and the company is working on a new exhaust system to give the Focus a more befitting engine note.

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