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We've only been doing the Hoon of the Day feature for a few months, but since the end of the year is nigh, we're almost bound by law to pick a Hoon of the Year. We've featured some great clips, some sucky ones, and a few that defy judgment (all the way 'round). We've admittedly expanded the definition of "hoon" for our own purposes (sorry Australia), but have stood in both awe and schadenfreude in the glow of hoons' skills and/or stupidity. Overall it's been a pretty efficient waste of an hour or so. Pick the Hoon of the Year after the jump.

· Power Wheelin', Bitch!
· Redneck Surfing
· Yo, I Got the Whole Thing on Tape, Brah
· Smoking Volvo
· Snowbound
· Big Wheels Keep on Freestyling
· Cruise Control
· Hoon of the Day: MAN, oh Man
·: Come Blow Your Horn

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