It's that time of the year again when kids dress up as something spooky and ask total strangers for candy. But why let them have all the fun? Adults can express their Halloween spirit too by decorating their vehicles, and these ten might just be the best tools for the job.

10.) Beetle Whale

This is a very complex one. The Beetle is supposed to be a bug. But this was turned into a whale, with a tail. What it has is almost like a ducktail, but that would make it a Porsche. Which is what every Volkswagen ever wants to be. Twisted.

Suggested By: Pessimippopotamus, Photo Credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

9.) Fierrari Enzno

Not even close mate, but the effort deserves some respect. bainelaker was there to witness the miracle:

Ahh! I've seen that car in person! NO BUENO!

Suggested By: Takuro Spirit & a Trans Am-ESS, Photo Credit: Jalopnik/Ebay

8.) Miata Mustang

Did it ever cross your mind that the original Mustang was way too big? Are you a fan of the Mazda Miata, but not the Japanese styling? For $13,000 plus taxes (not including the donor car), the all-steel M1stang is your answer.

Suggested By: burglar can't heart click anything, Photo Credit: M1stang

7.) Catbus

The grinning cat from My Neighbor Totoro can run, fly, bounce and hop across forests and lakes to reach its destination. The perfect way to travel, not just for Halloween. DISCLAIMER: The car costume version might not fly or bounce.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: brookpeterson

6.) Picarchu

How to turn a boring Toyota compact into something more fun? Add yellow and big ears to make it look like a Pokemon. Perfect.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great Job, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

5.) ECTO-1

The ECTO-1 is a wonderful Cadillac ambulance turned into the number one ghost transporter in the universe. And look, here's an original one you could help save!

Suggested By: Spiegel, Oppo City Gym Leader, Photo Credit: relax.

4.) E30 Homer

This is one of the reasons why it's getting more and more difficult to find an unmolested BMW E30. But in this case, we can forgive the owner, because this Homer LeMons car is awesome.

Suggested By: Braking Bad

3.) Spirit of Lemons

Basically, anything Speedycop has ever built qualifies in this round. The Spirit of Lemons was built from a Cessna, and it works.

Suggested By: BigNSlow, Photo Credit: Benjamin Preston

2.) Reliant Space Shuttle

NASA could have saved billions just by looking for a Reliant. That shape, the lightweight body, everything points at one direction: Upwards.

Suggested By: LyleLanley

1.) E-Type Hearse

Manifold engines got this one right:

For Halloween? There can be only one E-Type Hearse...

Suggested By: manifold engines, wanting for time, Photo Credit: IMCDB

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Top Photo Credit: masarutt