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We've always loved magazines from Japan, though we haven't a clue how to read Japanese (except for the letter that looks like an umbrella over a crucifix, which means either "book" or "Alka Seltzer"). We sometimes take the long route to the subway just to walk past the store that sells Brandjoy, Fruits and Hot-Dog-Press (for a transport markup of 1,000%) along with edamame and imported Pocky. If we could get a subscription to auto spy rag Mag-X for under four figures per year, we'd gladly spend Wednesday nights at Berlitz learning to read it. That long-winded intro is merely to call out pics of the new Lexus LS that appeared in the November issue of Mag-X, allegedly of the car as it reached the design-freeze stage. As our source points out, the LS in these shots differs from the Lh-S concept shown in Tokyo in the fascia, rear taillight assembly and exhaust. We'll know more as more details will likely emerge in January. (Click through for more pics.) [Update: More info, translated!]

Translated from Mag-X:
The new LS460, due spring of 2006, will have the new 4.6L V8 with an output of 350hp, but the hybrid version due at the end of 2007, the LS600h, will have the same engine but with 5.0L capacity. However, with the electric motor will produce an output of 500bhp. This number is comparable to the German ones with V12, but the LS600h will have a fuel economy of a V6 engine.

The LS600h, which targets squarely at V12 German vehicles such as BMW 760 and MB S600 will employ a CVT transmission.

Overall, there will be four versions of LS: the normal version (FR), Long wheel base version (limousine type), AWD version (only available with the LWB version), and the aforementioned hybrid versions. [Many thanks to Sang-Won.]

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