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An anonymous tipster clued us in to the long-rumored Volkswagen Golf R-37, with a cameraphone shot of a right-hand drive model said to be production ready.

According to the VW guy that showed this to me this is a full production car, not a demo or tuner model; it has AWD, a sick factory wing thing on the back, carbon fiber on all the scoops (rears are functional brake coolers!), HUGE brakes front-and-rear, fully race-ready seats and best of all a 3.7L version of the V6 currently found in the new Jetta (which is rated at 280+ hp). No official comment on horsepower figures, but the tech's best guess was "over 300"... Doh. (BTW, this is apparently factory paint, styling & bodykit as well).

R32 who?

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