Woman Rides Horse To DMV To Get Driver's License Back

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Ashlee Owens of Amelia, Virginia recently faced an interesting problem. Her driver's license was revoked because of an issue with the DMV, and the only way to resolve it was to go there in person. But how was she to do that without driving a car?

It's simple, actually. She resorted to a little invention we like to call nature's car: a horse.

As CBS DC reports, Owens had her license suspended by the DMV after they said she failed to present proof of insurance, even though she insists she sent it in multiple times. After she went to renew her truck registration, she found out she wasn't road legal anymore.


But instead of simply bumming a ride from a friend, Owens saddled up her nature-car Sassy and rode it to the Richmond DMV where she hand-delivered her paperwork and got her license reinstated.

The best part? A DMV employee, probably the nicest DMV employee in the universe, heard her story and waived the renewal fee.

See? The horse isn't obsolete yet. Take that, cars and motorcycles!

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Big Block I-4

Also, you supposedly can not get a DUI on a horse, since you are "technically" not in control, the horse of course is. So all the drunks need horses and then this world's problems will be solved! You are all welcome.