Bloody Fight Breaks Out At A Florida Used Car Dealership

Disputes at dealerships are usually resolved by throwing in a keychain or sometimes you simply get your money back after backing out of the deal. It wasn't that simple at this Florida used car lot.

WSVN reported that a 20-year-old man agreed to buy 1994 Honda from a Hollywood, Fla. dealership. He put down a $300 deposit and signed a contract to buy the car, but later decided to back out of it.

Peggy, the woman handling the deal at the lot, said the man came in later with a bunch of family members, including two children. Things started getting pretty heated and Peggy's father came out from the back and started recording the incident.


There's more hostility over the camera and the man trying to back out of the sale picks up chairs, tries to throw the camera to the floor and we have chaos at a used car dealership.

Everyone is being told to leave and Peggy calls 911. She goes out to get the license plate number of the car these people all came in and is tackled to the ground by one of the women, leaving her with blood gushing from her head.


Two days after the incident was reported, the family's attorney told the local TV station that the dealership employees those employees had this family trapped in that office. They couldn't get out."

And the man's mother? She's worried he's been through a rough car-buying experience.

"This has been a very traumatic experience for my son and his first car buying experience," said Cameron. "It has also been a traumatic experience for my family and being taunted rapidly, and being held against their will."


For other first-time car buyers, this isn't how the process goes down in the rest of the country.

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