Awesome Vigilantes Show Why You Need A Dash Cam In Ukraine

In case you're forgetting, one of the main reasons that drivers in Russia and throughout eastern Europe rely on dashboard-mounted cameras is to fight extortion claims from fake accidents. When you don't have a dashcam though, and the perp is just an idiot, citizens take the law into their own hands.


It looks like the perp here in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv was trying to find a way to sue or extort anyone, really, and his first attempts focus on pretending to be hit by random cars. When that doesn't work, he practically begs to be hit by any motorist that was willing to do it. Of course that doesn't work, because nobody's that stupid, so he kind of just gives up and starts obstructing traffic.

And that is a capital offense all over the world. A bunch of Ukrainian men come swinging, making sure this asshat gets the message. Realizing that he may have now struck his goldmine, he goes into total flop mode. You know you're having a rough day when you get beat by a guy in capris and sandals.

I was waiting for the one solid contact with his face, but unfortunately it never came.


He might be mentally ill.