You Can Buy Parts Off A 2014 Corvette Crashed By A 'Guy Named Mikey G'

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This isn't the first wrecked 2014 Corvette on the Internet, but it might be the first one to be on Craigslist. The Craigslister selling it says he loaned it out to "some guy named Mikey G," and then this happened.


Someone who goes by Trent is selling off parts from what used to be a brand new, shiny and silver C7, with just 1,257 miles on the odometer. From the listing based in Omaha, Trent alleges a guy who was supposed to detail it and apparently thoroughly crashed it:

I'm parting out my Corvette since it was wrecked. Gave it to some guy named Mikey G to detail it and the next thing I know it turns up wrecked. So I'm parting it out now.

Still has good engine and was only wrecked in the rear and top. Has the 7 speed manual transmission.

Only has 1257 miles on it. Will not sell whole so don't ask.

We've contacted who we think is Mikey G the detailer and haven't heard back yet. We tried contacting Trent at the number listed in the ad, but it doesn't appear to be in service. The ad also doesn't list an email contact.

But for all owners of expensive, high-performance machinery out there, do we need to remind you it's maybe not best to hand your keys over to any random dude named Mikey G?

UPDATE: It appears this Craigslist ad may, in fact, is probably a joke (The number being FUC-KYOU is a probably giveaway).


Why bother parting out when insurance should pay for the entire car?