Watch Top Gear Try And Powerslide The 903-Horsepower McLaren P1

Rear wheel drive. 903 horsepower. The McLaren P1 should be easy to powerslide, right? Maybe not so much, as Top Gear demonstrates here.

Jeremy Clarkson and his camera crew are at the Spa circuit in Belgium to test the $1.3 million hybrid. He likes the car. He likes it a lot.


As you can see, the crew went for their obligatory sideways shot coming out of La Source hairpin and it wasn't exactly what you'd call a smooth skid. I'm not going to say I've seen better slides from 150-horsepower Nissans... okay I will say it, I've seen better slides from 150-horsepower Nissans.

Not that I'm only saying this because I'm jealous. Nope. Not at all. Not even in the slightest.

(Hat tip to Vincent!)

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Say what you want about power slides... My hat tips to the chopper pilot around 1:40!